Invisalign Initial Consultation
Dental Health Check
Scale & Polish
From £35.00
(Ultrasonic From £65)
White filling
From £110
Metal filling
From £91
From £549
(Re-cement Crown £78)
Root Treatment
From £400
Simple extractions
From £650
From £475
Routine X-Rays
Clin Check
Photos Before & After
From £1500
Minimum Charge

Treatment Plans

All our treatment plans are bespoke. Written estimates will always be provided. All options and costings will be discussed fully, prior to embarking upon a course of treatment.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign® braces system utilises  custom-made, clear plastic trays (Aligners) which are designed to fit your individual set of teeth. Having the benefit of no metal wires or fixings that traditionally make wearing braces a painful chore, Invisalign®  aligners gently guide your teeth into position and are, in general, comfortable to wear and you will receive a new set of Invisalign® aligners every few weeks. Of course, with anything new, you may feel a temporary, minor discomfort at the beginning or when a new aligner is fitted. This is only temporary and the benefits allow you to briefly remove them to eat or for special occasions. You will soon notice a better alignment and a new smile! Being virtually invisible, hardly anyone will see that you are having work done to straighten your teeth.

We are an approved Invisalign Provider at The Dental Practice in Duffield Derbyshire
Invisalign Provided by The Dental Practice in Derbyshire